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Whether it’s personal or professional development, we can tailor our services based on your needs. This includes individual coaching as well as working with organisations of any size.

The coaching part of my work is done as part of HDX Consultancy; a company set up with my business partner Derek Nasseri. We offer coaching and mentoring to organisations and individuals using our wealth of experience.

Our approach:
We have found that because we are both men from ethnic minority backgrounds we have been able to connect, engage and work with different people from a variety of communities who might not otherwise have accessed similar services. We create a safe space to talk, which starts from where the person/organisation is at and builds from there.

This includes life coaching, professional coaching, mental health support (therapy).

We have found some important themes within this line of our work which have included supporting people not to feel like they have to hide their cultural identity within what they do or their workplace, and support in managing the obstacles wherever possible. This includes engaging in ongoing dialogue with organisations that have shown a commitment to better their treatment to staff from Black, Asian and other minority backgrounds.
Black Lives Matter:
We have been committed as individuals and as HDX consultancy to stand up for social justice issues within our day to day work for many years. This has taken many different shapes and forms and are able to offer support to organisations based on their individual requirements. We stand in unity with Black Lives Matter and embed an anti-racist approach.

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